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GSM SIM support added

SIO 1.11e now has support for the GSM SIM. All the standard GSM commands from GSM11.11 are implemented except for Run Algorithm which uses a non-public algorithm. See the file sc_gsm.c in the software distribution for details as to the file identifies and file structure formats that are supported. You can display the contents of the SIM phone directory via the new command
  • gsm_phonelist

GSM SIM File Names

EF_ICCID ICC Identification
DF_GSM GSM directory - all "standard" things under here
DF_TELECOM "private" things
EF_LP LP - Language Preferences
EF_IMSI IMSI - International Mobile Subscriber Identity
EF_Kc Kc - Ciphering Key
EF_PLMNsel PLMNsel - Public Lan Mobile Network selector
EF_HPLMN HPLMN - search period
EF_ACMmax ACM maximum value
EF_ADN ADN - Abbreviated dialling numbers
EF_FDN FDN - Fixed dialling numbers
EF_SMS SMS - Short messages