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Smartcard Developer Association Formed

The Smartcard Developer Association was founded today by a group of like-minded software developers and security professionals. Software developers wishing to simply use a smartcard, rather than create their own now have an association to turn to for:
  • Information on how smartcards can be of benefit for particular applications
  • Analysis of smartcard suitability to task.
  • A forum for sharing security analysis of systems using smartcards and other tokens as part of a comprehensive security model.
  • Informative newsletter covering industry trends, technology, and new products.
  • Industry directories of manufacturers, developers, products and consultants.
  • Freely distributable cross-platform development tools for Unix and Win95/NT. (Due for release next month)
  • Universal smartcard drivers featuring reader and card-independent API's.

Contact Details

For further information about the SDA refer to the about section for contact details.