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Following the rule simpler is better, we acquired the design to a universal smartcard reader from a group of Dutch smartcard enthusiasts. We streamlined their original Dumb Mouse design and added a prototyping area to the circuit board.

Our Dumb Mouse cicuit board design (in PostScript and industry standard Gerber plot file format), the parts list, and assembly instructions are available below.

4. Communication settings

The default (base) communication settings where known for a card are listed below. These are the settings that have to be used if you are operating using a dumbmouse or other such low-level reader.

Card Setting Manufacturer
Cryptoflex 9600 8E2 D Schlumbger
DX 9600 8E2 D Philips
GPK DES? 9600 8E2 I Gemplus
Foxtel 9600 8O2 I Unknown
RG200 9600 8E2 D Racal

For various readers the card-independent settings are:

Reader Setting Manufacturer
GCR400 9600 8N1 D Gemplus