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Title of Press Release Date of Release Appeared in
GSM Cellphones Cloned 13th April 1998 The Wall Street Journal
Code cracked on a digital cellular phone 13th April 1998 USA Today
Cell-Phone Security Far From Airtight 13th April 1998 Wired News
Clone for the Holidays 13th April 1998 Time Daily
Concerned Telecom and Network Security Specialists Respond to Claims of GSM Cellular Phone Cloning 13th April 1998 Crossbar Security
CTIA Response to the Announcement 14th April 1998 Wireless Daily News
Researchers Crack Code in Cell Phones 14th April 1998 The New York Times
Cryptographers Crack Cell Phone Code 14th April 1998 ABC News
Digital Cell Phone Code Cracked 14th April 1998 Associated Press
GSM Cell Phones can be cloned 14th April 1998 The Netly News
Cryptographers crack digital cell phone code 14th April 1998 CNN
Cell Phone Junkies Beware 14th April 1998 The Daily Californian
Omnipoint to Alter Wireless Formulas 15th April 1998 The Los Angeles Times
GSM MoU Association Responds to Recent Claims of Compromise to GSM Security 15th April 1998 Wireless Daily News
GSM Cell Phones Called Secure 17th April 1998 International Herald Tribune
CODEBREAKERS 20th April 1998 Time magazine
Security questioned 21st April 1998 Public Network Europe Newswire
US 'crack' could leave Optus and Telstra GSM mobile networks open to fraud 24th April 1998 Lan Magazine Australia New Zealand
CCC Announces successfully working CLONE 25th April 1998 Chaos Computer Club
Aussichten eines Klons 25th April 1998 Der Spiegel - Germany
GSM SIM Emulator Released 25th April 1998 Hack Watch News
Card clone gives mobile phone security a jolt 27th April 1998 Sydney Morning Herald - Australia
Unsicherheit durch Geheimniskrämerei 27th April 1998 Der Spiegel - Germany