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About the SDA

The Smartcard Developer Association was founded in 1997 when experts in the field of security software realized that there was little non-proprietary information about smartcards available. Many software developers wish to simply use a smartcard, rather than create their own. Smartcard development tools are expensive and vendor specific. Cross-platform diagnostic and development software is virtually non-existent. This situation is especially difficult for developers wishing to use existing smartcard technology rather than develop their own solutions. The SDA seeks to remedy this situation. More than ten years on the SDA still continues to offer developers a forum for communication of integration of smartcard related technologies into designs.

The SDA offers:

  • Information on how smartcards can be of benefit to your application and analysis of smartcard suitability to task.
  • A forum for our members to share security analysis of systems using smartcards and other tokens as part of a comprehensive security model.
  • Informative newsletter covering industry trends, technology, and new products.
  • Industry directories of manufacturers, developers, products and consultants.
  • Freely distributable cross-platform development tools for Unix and Win32/64.
  • Universal smartcard drivers featuring reader and card-independent API's.

Contact Details

Tim Hudson, Director
Smartcard Developer Association
P.O. Box 6389
Fairfield Gardens, Qld 4103, Australia
Email: tjh@scard.org

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